Our Story


Two Sisters Bar & Books was born on a train. Somewhere between Krakow and Warsaw two sisters decided to create a space where their favorite things from home, and their travels abroad, could flourish. The result is a place where everyone feels at home and part of the family.

The hearty brown breads of Eastern Europe; a mesmerizing bookstore in Krakow; a rich espresso at a quintessential coffee-house in Vienna; a young, urban restaurant in Brooklyn; the warm company of friends on a foggy, damp night in San Francisco; and a glass of vin chaud at a lively neighborhood bar in Paris all served as inspiration for Two Sisters Bar & Books.

Two Sisters Bar & Books opened in 2011. Today, Two Sisters Bar & Books is a place to linger over a craft cocktail, share a scrumptious meal with friends, indulge in literary zeal with the boozy book club, or simply sip an espresso while perusing a book from the Two Sisters community book exchange.