Cocktail Classes

Monday Night Mixology: Vinegars & Shrubs
Join Michael Cecconi, Bar Chief at Two Sisters 
Bar & Books, for an exploration of vinegars 
and shrubs and how they brighten, complicate, 
and expand the flavors of sour cocktails.  
Before modern mixology took off, the way to 
make whiskey sours involved using lemon or 
lime. Now, with the resurgence of the 
colonial method for preserving fruit called 
a shrub, you can use an endless variety of 
vinegars to add sourness to drinks.  
Vinegars elevate the depth and complexity 
of sour cocktails. Taste and explore 
cocktails using different shrubs and 
vinegars to discover just how interesting 
and delicious vinegar can make your cocktails.
Date(s): June 8th 2015 6:30p-9p

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Monday Night Mixology: The Agave Experience

The mighty agave plant, provider of that 
Scotch from south of the border, mezcal, 
and its cousin, tequila can get a bad rap. 
Forget about the worm stereotype and discover 
why both spirits are making a splash in SF.  
Join Michael Cecconi, Bar Chief at Two Sisters 
Bar & Books, as he guides you through a tasting 
of the different ages of tequila and varietals 
of mezcal. After the tastings, tequila and 
mezcal get the mixology treatment in four 
cocktails that you can sip and savor in our 
cozy Hayes Valley bar.

Date(s): July 20th 2015 6:30p-9p;
         August 24th 2015 6:30p-9p

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Love the idea of a cocktail class? 
Gather a group of 10-20 (or more) friends 
and host your own class at our bar or in 
your home - A great alternative to a birthday 
party or holiday gathering.  Contact us 
for more information.
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