Cocktail Classes

Fall Whiskey Cocktails

Join Michael Cecconi, Bar Chief at
Two Sisters Bar & Books, for a primer
in the best cocktail season of the year:
Fall. As the temperature drops and the
days grow shorter, fortify yourself for
the cold and the coming holiday season
by learning how to make four delicious
cocktails using whiskey from Tennessee,
Scotland, Kentucky,and Iowa!  Beginning
with a whiskey tasting, this course will
then cover cocktail mixing basics as well
as ways to use market produce in cocktail
creation. The end result will be delicious
cocktails, designed to impress your guests
and deepen your appreciation of all things
whiskey!  Join us as we nip our way into Winter.

September 22nd 2014
October 6th 2014

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Holidays on Ice: Cocktails for Entertaining

With the Holidays right around the corner,
come join Michael Cecconi, Bar Chief, for a
treasure trove of cocktailing and coping
strategies. From learning the basics of the
home bar to great gift ideas to batching out
cocktails for entertaining made painless,
this class will provide you with the techniques
and recipes to enjoy the season as it was meant
to be: with a great-tasting drink in hand!

November 3rd 2014
December 8th 2014

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